October 14


Omni Channel Marketing @ thINK 2016

Here’s a glimpse inside a dynamic Omni-Channel Marketing presentation presented at thINK 2016 by marketing diva-duo:  Nicole Schappert Tully, Marketing Communications/Production Print Solutions, Canon Video Solutions and Sarah Mannone, Vice President, Client Services, TREKK.  These two savvy-smart marketers methodically showed the room just how powerful and important print is to the mix of an Omni-Channel campaign.  Slide after slide, we witnessed proof why marketers have to think BIG and long-term and of course, why print is critical to driving the message.

The CONNECTION video services featuring HardingPoorman was used an an example during this presentation.  We’re told that the campaign was such a success that it will be nominated for various national marketing awards due to seamless execution and satisfying results.

BRAVO! Nicole and Sarah and congratulations Canon Solutions America for a widely successful campaign! 




Canon Solutions America, Omni Channel Marketing

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