March 12


Green printing in Indianapolis

Our employees have really embraced the “green” movement.

A couple of years ago we asked for volunteers to our “Green Team”. There were more volunteers than for any other group we ever created.

The results have been tremendous.  For example, last year we kept over 950 tons of waste from landfills because of recycling efforts.  Does “green” pay? Here’s a chart showing how much we saved with our vendor Republic Waste Services:

Early on we also decided to use 100% green power. We now rank 9th on the EPA’s list of printers using green power.

Last year, we consumed over 5 million kilowatt hours of green electricity which equates to saving 4,659 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, or:

  • The greenhouse gas emissions from 891 passenger vehicles.
  • The carbon dioxide emissions from 524,000 gallons of gasoline.
  • The carbon dioxide emissions from 86,000 propane gas cylinders used for home barbeques.
  • The carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity use of 605 average American homes.

Our staff is excited about the results. Maybe it even makes them feel better about working here.

If we can help with your “green” efforts, please give us a call.

David Harding

President/CEO, The Harding Poorman Group


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