July 30


Defining HPG Digital Communication

Some of us remember the old days of typesetting in print houses. Paste-ups were done for clients with tools like “Exacto” knives, hand-stripping lines of copy into place. When a letter, word or spacing change was made in a brochure, sign or an annual report, entire paragraphs needed to be reset. Tedious doesn’t even begin to describe the process!

Digital print communication – the method of storing, processing and transmitting information through electronic pulses – has simplified and freed up printing. It’s also made it less expensive, more reliable, more flexible, and compatible with other digital systems.

That translates to immense project flexibility when it comes to printing your project. And because HardingPoorman Group has wide format digital presses and the ability to print on an huge variety of materials, your communication choices are virtually endless.

HPG can design your project, print your project, or install your project… or any combination of the three. That goes for:

  • Outdoor signage
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Signs and banners
  • Trade show displays
  • Interior/exterior business signage
  • Posters
  • Wall & floor graphics
  • Corporate and marketing brochures


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