July 24


HPG enjoys a banner year in Indy!

When you see outside banners along the downtown canal or the streets of Indianapolis, they can’t help but inspire enthusiasm for whatever event or place they highlight. They can be festive, colorful, informative, durable, or purposeful. And — they can also be real problem solvers.

Take the Indiana Historical Society banners, for example. The IHS needed to convey some serious information to the general public. Priority number one was to clearly articulate the IHS mission. Many folks did not really understand what the Indiana Historical Society was – or even that it was a “destination” site. The second vital piece of information to get across was precisely what the IHS offered to inspire a potential guest to become interested enough to schedule a visit. That’s a lot of information to get across to the public. How do you accomplish all this?

The solution was to design an attention-generating banner and strategically place it along the downtown canal close to the IHS building. The design that went into crafting the message included playful vertical and horizontal lettering, simple and easily understood information about IHS offerings, and colors that reinforced the theme of the Indiana Historical Society.

What HPG added was wide format digital printing technology and an understanding about durable signage materials. We printed the banners on high quality, resilient vinyl to stand up to the elements. We also used special UV inks that resisted fading in strong sunlight. The result was just right: a banner that got all the right points across in an effective manner – that would last a long, long time.

Give HPG your signage problem. We’ll help you solve it.


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