July 26


HPG ‘maps out’ great custom solutions.

Several months back, HardingPoorman Group was given an interesting digital communications project. Our client wanted to create an interactive introductory product presentation for their employees. The object of this interactive presentation was for the employees to learn about a brand new product that was expected to become a global brand. Appropriately, the presentation focused on traveling around the world. Employees were encouraged to “travel” the presentation to learn details about the new product.

Our assignment was to create several trade show signs and something special: a three-dimensional interactive world map, made to resemble a puzzle. In effect, we were to create a large, 8’ x 4’ self-standing puzzle, sturdy enough for multiple visitors to attach puzzle pieces without knocking it over.  Most importantly, our client wanted the map to become a permanent piece of art in the new product area, so the piece had to be functional and compelling as well as artistic.

After numerous brainstorming sessions, the HPG team decided the map base would be mounted to ½” thick Styrene. The 3-D map outline and triangular map puzzle pieces would be mounted on slightly lighter Styrene, all carefully hand-cut with a jigsaw. The new map was beautiful but very heavy, so the next design problem would be how to frame it.

The signage team mulled over many ideas before deciding upon a rolling frame, similar to the portable black boards used by teachers or coaches, but heavier and more durable. A design was drafted, and with the help of our Maintenance team, a custom frame was welded, sanded and painted.

The result was a 3-dimensional global puzzle mounted inside a sturdy, portable frame. It was indeed a piece of art, as well as a working display model, and it worked with the other display signage. The client was ecstatic!

Got a wild communication idea? Chances are good HPG can create a wild and wonderful solution!


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