July 21


It’s a “wrap” for Steak n’ Shake, courtesy of HPG digital wide format printing

As anyone in marketing knows, it can be very difficult to cut through the clutter of advertising to get a message noticed. Harder still to make a memorable point, especially if you are in the restaurant business.

Steak n’ Shake has a history of creating snappy messaging with a different approach. So we were not surprised when they decided to create a vehicle “wrap” with bright digital graphics to tout their “4 under $4” message. They came to HardingPoorman Group with their van design because we could create precision signage that would “pop” their message and get it noticed.

The commercial printing term for vehicle signage is “wrap”. There are full wraps for entire vehicles, partial wraps, mixed wraps (large vinyl graphic, and cut vinyl lettering), or cut vinyl, which is usually a simple graphic with one or two colors and cut out using a device called a plotter.

Steak n’ Shake’s van graphics required “mixed wraps.” The large side areas were printed and laminated all in one piece with no seams. The rest of the van signage was printed on cut vinyl with each section of the van (such as the doors) printed on separate pieces. The windows were covered in vinyl and carefully hand trimmed to make sure the graphics lined up perfectly. Everything we produced was carefully researched first, right down to UV filtered inks, ensuring the color will not fade in strong sunlight or take a beating in the rain or snow. The result is a mouthwatering impression that is as engaging as it is lasting.

Got a vehicle in mind for a commercial printing wrap? We can take you down that road, in style!


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