July 12


Why a blog about print communications?

Print provides you with information every day. You have read it, gotten directions from it, walked on it, and likely made a decision to buy based on it. Banners. Direct mail. Posters. Packaging. Magazines. Retail signs. Vinyl DVD sleeves. Countertop displays. Annual reports. Vehicle graphics. Exhibits. Floor decals. The list goes on.

But why blog about it? Good question. It’s understood that as a continuously moving society we have a need for information. How that information is provided gets to the heart of what HardingPoorman Group is all about.

By staying on top of what’s new, what’s pertinent, and what’s applicable to our clients’ needs, we set ourselves apart from other print communications firms in some pretty interesting ways. We’d like to share our thinking with you.

All of which… is why we are blogging about our work. We hope you’ll check in with us from time to time and see what we’re up to, coming away with some interesting ideas to use for your next communications project!


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