August 19


HPG hits “The Mark”

Every once in awhile, the stars align and a fantastic opportunity crosses your path.

This was the case earlier in the year when we were given the chance to work on an elegant six-panel, multi-part invitation and fulfillment program for Maker’s Mark® fine bourbon.  The piece was impeccably designed with a premium look in keeping with Maker’s Mark tradition of deep rich coppery colors and a luxurious presentation.

HPG began the six-panel invitation, printing with UV inks on heavy coated stock to assure that the photo of the Maker’s Mark bottle practically “glowed.” Because the invitation was not a standard size, it was printed on a large format press, cut, perforated, and readied for assembly.

A removable “ticket” printed on white paper to resemble gold metallic invited the recipient to become an “Ambassador” of Maker’s Mark.
It offered a tour of the plant and an opportunity to purchase specially selected aged bourbon from a barrel number corresponding with each Ambassador’s name. The invitation also included two actual “barrel plates” from Maker’s Mark. The HPG team printed the invitations in bulk and once a year, hand-assembles each invitation from a fulfillment list, making sure each barrel plate number matches the name from the invitee list.

HPG was honored to be selected to print and fulfill these mailers. And doubly honored when the finished product won a national Best of Category “Benny” Award from the Print Industry Association’s Pinnacle Print Awards for it’s fine application of color, degree of difficulty, overall look and design, and graphic appeal.

You might say we ‘hit the mark’ for another great client.


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