August 12


HPG’s UV Inks Mean Brighter Banners

Business is booming for HHGregg. They have plans to open new stores across the country this year. With every new store opened, HHGregg has an additional need for in-store signage.

Banners, stickers, point-of-purchase (POP) signage, shelf talkers, and so-called ‘danglers’ are a great way to attract customer attention in retail stores. When HHGregg became a HardingPoorman Group client, they wanted to be sure we could handle high-volume orders. They also were looking for a way to print signage to hold up to strong sunlight pouring through large windows, resist tearing and fading, and provide strong color that would ‘pop’ under fluorescent in-store lighting.

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UV inks provided the answer HHGregg was seeking. UV ink colors are exceptionally bright because they don’t seep into the printing substrate as they dry. They resist fading under bright lights and sunlight, and hold their own under fluorescent lighting – which tends to “green” or “yellow” most inks.

Because employing UV inks means HPG can print on all kinds of substrates – from flexible or rigid vinyl up to 40 gauge thick – to adhesive backed paper – to polypropylene and nylon, we had a virtually limitless list of helpful suggestions for HHGregg’s signage requirements.

We’re offering you the same bright list of possibilities.


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