August 30


Passing out (and in)

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway requires large amounts of all kinds of things besides speed, cars and race fans. Things most people wouldn’t think of right away, but are nonetheless critical for the IMS to run their events smoothly. Like credentials, for instance.

Each event has its own unique pass with a look and image that is appropriate for the event. Event passes must be further differentiated by date, sponsor, area (such as Paddock Pass, Garage Access or General Admission), and very importantly, individual number. HPG is goes to great lengths to accurately, consecutively number each badge in the upper left corner. Each pass is then specially die cut and delivered to IMS in numerical order. The IMS then attaches each credential with a unique lanyard to ensure that they cannot be easily duplicated.

Because HPG can print with UV inks on our large format UV presses, these IMS passes are printed on 20 pt. vinyl – a substrate that cannot be printed with conventional inks because they would not ever dry. With UV inks this is not a problem. Not only do they dry immediately, but they will not fade or “wash out,” even in intense heat, direct sun or rain (which unfortunately for the IMS, must also play a part in all race planning.)

Because HPG credentials are printed precisely and beautifully with such a thorough attention to detail and on sturdy vinyl, chances are these passes will also stand up to heavy crowds, beer and food spills, bending, folding and pocket wear, as well as accidental launderings.

After all, these IMS credentials have to be in good shape for their final destination: as a keepsake reminder of the event for decades to come, courtesy of HPG.


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