August 27


Shining inspiration

The Simon Youth Foundation is an inspiration to many, especially those involved in educating at risk children. Since its inception, the Simon Youth Foundation, along with help from the Pacers Foundation, has raised more than six million dollars to help children earn high school diplomas and college scholarships in communities nationwide.

HardingPoorman Group was pleased to donate our printing services for “The Masquerade” invitation shown above. This event, benefitting the Simon Youth Foundation, will take place in November. Our client was looking for something dramatic, so they selected an unusual paper stock with brushed silver foil on one side and standard uncoated white paper on the other. The invitation will be sent as a postcard and the uncoated side will satisfy postal regulations.

The brushed silver side could pose a problem for conventional printing with standard inks. Therefore, HPG used fast-drying, non-absorbing UV inks instead. Printing black and other UV ink colors in just the right ratio creates a unique effect where the silver stock glistens through the ink. The result is startlingly eye-catching and impossible to ignore. It’s the perfect way to grab attention for this shining event.

It is another in a long line of successful digital printing projects using UV technology and HPG team know-how to help create a savvy communication tool. We’re proud to lend our expertise to support the magnificent work of the Simon Youth Foundation.


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