September 10


Dishing on Discs

You probably have never thought about the process involved in getting CDs or DVDs into a book, magazine or mailer. If you are only inserting a few discs, it’s not too difficult to manually place them into sleeves and stick them onto the pages of your product. But this process becomes infinitely more time consuming, not to mention costly, when discs must be inserted or ‘perfect bound’ into thousands of copies. ( What to do?

The HardingPoorman Group thought there should be a better solution to this issue. So they worked to invent one. The result is a patented vinyl bind in sleeve. With the patented sleeve, CDs and DVDs are automatically inserted into a sleeve, which is in turn fed into a book binder – just like any other selection of pages. No longer is there any need for expensive hand work.

It is standard practice for many textbooks to carry CDs along with printed material, and as any student knows, the costs of these textbooks is already plenty high. But it turns out that this new technology has many other uses, from those in the music industry to magazine publications, and can even be adapted for use in other industries requiring similar ‘insert packaging’ for delicate mailings.

If you have a disc that needs ‘to go’ – or if you need a creative, inexpensive way to insert, package and distribute light or delicate mailings, the HardingPoorman Group is your go-to resource!


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