September 13


Finding out what is needed. And getting it done.

A pharmaceutical company wanted to produce and mail more than 225,000 4-page brochures packaged with a DVD. Generally a project like this would require multiple sub-contractors to complete the DVD replication, machine or hand DVD insertion, commercial printing, and mailing. But this company preferred to streamline the process and develop a turn-key solution from just one organization if possible.

Because the company had worked with HardingPoorman Group before and knew we could come up with creative solutions to unusual requests, they turned to us again. Besides printing the brochure, the pharmaceutical company required a seamless package to keep the DVD secure during mailing.  The only option other printers could offer was to place the DVD on a foam hub –which left the disc open to falling off the foam in transit, breaking, or creating a very bulky mailer.

HardingPoorman Group created an ideal custom solution for the DVD mailing.  Because we have so many resources under one roof, we were able create the requested “streamlined, turn-key solution.” Not only did we UV print the brochure and mass duplicate the DVDs, but because one of our corporate divisions had recently developed a process of “sealing” vinyl to paper, HPG was able to smoothly, mechanically seal the disc into the mailing.

All of that – plus the large run — all completed on time, and from under one roof. The end product is exactly what the client (and we) had in mind!

Mulling over a multi-step commercial printing project? Let us know what you are thinking, and let’s see what solutions we can come up with, together.


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