September 20


High-volume CD inserts & packaging, no problem!

Paste Magazine is a national periodical that features new music and promotes up and coming artists.  And what better way is there to market new talent than by offering subscribers and those in the music industry a free CD in every issue?

The costs associated with producing the high volume of CDs needed for this, let alone assembling the discs and binding them into a magazine, used to be cost-prohibitive. But no longer. HardingPoorman Group’s in-house subsidiary has patented a multi-step process that streamlines and simplifies the entire procedure. And because one company takes care of the entire process, it’s cost-effective, too.

HPG has been tapped by several national magazines to insert DVDs and CDs into their publications. Paste Magazine is one of them, utilizing several of the options we offer for CD packaging. HPG has mass produced all of the CDs for them in addition to binding the CD into a vinyl bind sleeve. In some cases, a 2 CD vinyl bind-in sleeve has been requested, which we easily accommodated. We have also produced cardboard sleeves (for handing out at promotions) and a custom paper bind-in sleeve for this client, all depending on the end use of the piece.

HPG is absolutely a “can-do” fulfillment marketing and commercial printing company. Our teams get excited about discovering new ways to build upon our marketing and printing processes.  Got a CD or DVD marketing challenge up your sleeve? We can make sure the disc gets bound into the right type of sleeve, and on its way!


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