September 17


Indianapolis-based HPG works behind the scenes to promote Emmy & Oscar-hopefuls

HardingPoorman Group can claim a little bit of Hollywood in our blood. Okay, we’re stretching it, but we have done several marketing entertainment projects for Variety Magazine prior to Emmy & Oscar nominations.

Because HPG is a full-service commercial printer with several specialty service divisions, we are often asked to do print and mail fulfillment as well as marketing. And, often on a national scale.

A prime example of this is our client Variety, a national magazine geared towards the entertainment industry. When video clips and trailers of Emmy and Oscar-nominated shows need to be distributed before judging and voting, they are typically released in Variety Magazine, which is where we come in. Our patented Discom Technology process can actually handle “bound” disc distribution more cost-effectively and efficiently than just about any other distribution house.

In fact, HPG has done several projects for Variety Magazine, including both CDs and/or DVDs, usually accompanying magazine ads. The discs are automatically inserted into our patented vinyl saddle stitch sleeve here at HPG and then sent to Variety Magazine’s binder to be automatically inserted into the magazine. Because of our patented process, the disc sleeves are produced to be feed through the binder just like another section of pages, so there is no costly hand work associated with including the disc in the publication.

Voila’! A pretty savvy marketing strategy, even by Hollywood standards. HPG has passed the Hollywood screen test. The next feature we’d like to star in — is yours!


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