September 7


Inventive mailing solutions

A few months back, Klipsch Audio Technologies, one of the biggest names in the upscale speaker industry, presented HardingPoorman Group with an interesting commercial printing opportunity.

Klipsch required logistical and printing help to develop a way to send new customers a free set of Ear Tips™ as a thank you for purchasing Klipsch headphones. The Ear Tips needed to be sent across the US in an economical, and tamper-proof mailer – AND each mailer needed to be specially coded to the correct ear tip size requested. Each Ear Tip mailer would then be addressed and sent out by Klipsch employees, so the package also needed to be easy to address.

Our first order of business was to investigate the mailing costs associated with various package sizes and weights. HPG tapped Discom Technologies, one of our CD/DVD binding divisions, to brainstorm options to utilize their brilliantly engineered ‘plastic to paper’ patented binding systems. The result was a re-engineered CD/DVD tamper-proof sleeve that sealed plastic to paper through RF (radio frequency) to hold the ear tips in place without damage, during mailing. The entire piece was then wafer-sealed on three sides to fit postal regulations. Three coded versions of the mailer were printed so Klipsh employees could designate which mailer help the small, medium or large tips.

The process was streamlined and allowed Klipsch to easily fulfill as many orders as necessary. The project met with such customer approval that both Klipsch and HPG are gearing up for a second campaign, thanks to the inventive teams at work at HPG’s Discom Technologies!

Got a packaging dilemma? HPG is all ears!


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