October 12


HPG gets into the holiday spirit!

Since HardingPoorman Group does a lot of commercial printing for our Indianapolis area clients, one of the fun things we enjoy offering our clients each year is free holiday cards.

So we get into the holiday spirit a little earlier than most. Our marketing department designs a handful of holiday-themed cards, sometimes as early as August. Then our HPG team sets the cards up so clients can customize the cards with a photo and personal greeting.

We let our clients pick a card and we print them up for them – free of charge.  This year’s Holiday Card program will feature a new online ordering site where the client can upload and customize the cards from our website through their office computers.  This is the same e-commerce technology that we are using with several of our clients.

It’s a festive way we thank our customers for a wonderful year of business – and help make their holiday season just a little easier. Take a look at this year’s cards, and get merry along with us this October!


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