October 23


HPG has the solution to needing small runs on a regular basis

If your company requires 100,000 brochures in two weeks, it’s no problem. Same with 200 training manuals needed by next Wednesday. But what if you need 75 catalogs and 40 text books printed and mailed every 15 days?

Printing small quantities on short order (within 24-48 hours) is called “Print on Demand.” It’s a very helpful service when limited quantities of printed materials are needed on a regular basis, which is why HPG provides this invaluable service.

Companies depend on HPG Print on Demand to help with work-flow and cash flow, because:

  • Money is not tied up in printed inventory
  • Organizations order only what is needed, when it’s needed
  • Frequent changes to printed materials are easily accommodated
  • Fulfillment (such as online ordering and shipping) can be performed by HPG at the time of printing

What type of publications are a good fit for Print on Demand?

  • Training materials printed after training class sizes are determined
  • Manuals and printed materials shipped with products ordered
  • Materials for trade shows and seminars
  • Product catalogs

If your organization needs printed items in limited quantities on a regular basis, ask us for a quote. HPG’s Print on Demand can provide a cost effective solution to a needless headache.


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