October 15


Short run, quick turn-around

HardingPoorman Group in Indianapolis has a broad range of printing processes and presses to produce high quality commercial printing for a variety of printing needs, large or small – and sometimes – both.

For instance, an HPG client placed a printing order for 5,000 books, but needed 100 copies turned around immediately. It would have been too expensive to run our large format presses for such a small quantity. So, we didn’t. Instead, we looked to our smaller “DI press” for help. DI presses produce offset-quality on short run jobs. We often turn to them when our clients need:

  • Quick turn-around
  • Smaller quantities
  • Offset quality
  • High resolution (higher resolution than toner-based printers)
  • Cost effective printing

Look how beautifully the book turned out on our smaller press! Just as crisp and clean as the large format presses!

Next time you have a printing dilemma, ask the experts at HPG for a solution you can live with – a beautiful product at a cost-effective price. HPG has a printing solution that will fit your needs.


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