November 13


Fugitive glue at HPG

It’s a pretty odd name for glue, but a really good solution for using glue in mailings – without ripping, tearing, or covering the key parts of the mailer (like wafer seals tend to do). And, the post office approves of the technology.

What is fugitive glue? HPG recently invested in a fugitive glue system. Here’s a look at how it functions:

Why is fugitive glue important to offer to our customers? The post office recently changed their requirements on booklet mailings, now requiring these pieces to include 3 wafer seals. This can be ugly from a design standpoint and frustrating to the recipient who is trying to open it.  Fugitive glue provides a way around this. The glue is hidden so the design of the piece is not compromised, and it is available in a low tack formula so the mailer does not get ripped when it is opened.

Do you have a mailer coming up that can use this process? Ask HPG to show you samples of how fugitive glue can come to your rescue!


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