November 8


HardingPoorman Group embraces ‘5S’ workplace organization

The HardingPoorman Group embraces ‘5S’ methodology for all of our printing workplace, which allows our employees to work at top efficiency.

The term “5S” comes from a list of 5 Japanese words: seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu and shitsuke. Translated into English, they mean sorting, ordering, systematic cleaning, standardization, self-discipline, and safety — all beginning with the letter S. The list describes how items are stored and how the new order is maintained.

The 5S process builds a clear understanding among employees of how work should be done. It also instills ownership of the process in each employee

Applying 5S systems to ink storage for our DI presses is just one example of how this system can be used.  HPG understands that the 5S method allows us to be as efficient as possible – which translates into better, smarter, quality control for our customers every day.


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