November 18


HPG does wall graphics

Some companies do windows. We can do walls. Spectacularly! See what a difference you can make by using a little imagination, light, space, and graphic design.

Most people would not think about contacting HardingPoorman for their business “artwork”, but this area entryway changes the way you might think about HPG commercial “printing.” Not only does this entryway grab your attention and look inviting, but it will also last for years to come, courtesy of gloss lamination applied over the adhesive vinyl. HPG has the capability of machine cutting just about any shape in vinyl. So you can repeat a series of shapes to form an interesting pattern in a multitude of colors, or keep the colors toned down, monochromatic, even black and white.

This project was printed on a standard white gloss adhesive vinyl with gloss lamination.  HPG helped design this project along with printing, laminating, assembling and installing it for our client.

Got a tired space in your office? Let HPG see what we can do about shaking things up in your work place!


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