November 26


HPG endorses renewable energy challenge

HardingPoorman Group has taken the challenge to become an environmentally responsible green printer. We made the commitment to purchase 100% renewable energy by enrolling in the Indianapolis Power and Light “Green Power Option” as few years ago.
A voluntary option, HPG now purchases all our power from environmentally friendly and renewable sources – like wind facilities in Texas and the Midwest. You may have noticed that windmills are sprouting up throughout Indiana. They are a natural source of energy and are the fastest growing source of electricity in America. HPG supplements our energy needs through energy usage from biomass and landfill gas facilities.

By committing to purchasing only renewable energy, HPG is reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as our carbon footprint. We also recycle our inks and our trash. We’re pleased to do our part to decrease our dependence on coal and oil, both non-renewable sources – and pass that environmental savings along to our customers.


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