November 1


HPG has high “QR” IQ!

Have you noticed QR codes?  These printed bar code squares are appearing on everything from business cards to newspaper ads, to in-store retail products, and even on FaceBook pages.

HPG has the capability of generating and printing QR codes for our customers. Here is our QR. Scan it and see where it takes you to understand how this technology works!

QR – short for Quick Response are 2D data workflow code formats which, when scanned from a smart phone, uses encoded text data into a scannable image to direct the user to a specific webpage or internet site for more information.

Developed by a Japanese auto parts manufacturer, the QR code allows anyone to use it, license free. The QR code format is one of several 2D formats now circulating world wide, but is generally thought to be the one most likely to predominate.

How can printing customers use QR? Here’s an example. An HPG employee was shopping at Best Buy for a new appliance. She found a floor model she liked and on the model was a printed QR code. She scanned it with her iPhone and was immediately directed to the Best Buy website page that listed the specs for that particular fridge. Instant access to information to consumers at the point of purchase!

Consider adding high-tech, consumer-friendly QR codes to your business cards – or your next printing job at HPG.


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