November 30


Intricate folding capabilities

Origami? Actually, it’s a concept called pharmaceutical or miniature folding, and it’s a unique capability that few commercial printers offer.

If you are in the pharmaceutical field, you already know about about this ubiquitous mandated pharmaceutical by-product. Even if you are not in the pharmaceutical field, if you have ever opened one of those papers tucked inside your new prescription box, you have held an example of this multi-folded document.

Here is a link to a YouTube video dosage variation for testosterone undecanoate about our Pharma folder:

Pharmaceutical folding is a unique capability that HPG offers IN HOUSE. We can machine-fold a piece of paper as small as 2” x 3 ¼”.  Most printers would have to send these pieces out to a specialty bindery shop in order to make all of these small intricate folds, but not us! It saves our clients a step and an extra cost.

At HardingPoorman, we’re pleased to go the extra mile for our clients. How can we help YOU?


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