December 5


Personalized web sites from HPG add power to direct mail

HPG is pleased to offer PURLs, personalized URL web sites added to your direct mail piece that are customized to each person visiting your site. They go a long way to increase the results of direct mail campaigns.
How do they work? Your direct mail piece will include a web site encouraging the recipient to visit. When the customer logs on, the information from the database is used to tailor the web page experience to that person. Once logged in, the web site can also track your customer’s activity and continue to offer precise information based on your customer’s behavior. This can also be used to tailor future communications to that customer, or to modify existing materials to better serve all your customers.

PURLs capture information that can be used to help you better understand your clients – and improve the value of your marketing dollars. Also, once this information is captured, you can have the information relayed to your cell phone, allowing you to get in touch with your client right away.

Combining your Postcard Marketing Campaign along with PURL is affordable and a powerful new communication tool for your business. Let HPG add the power of PURL to your next direct mail piece.


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