January 26


Color printing standards

Color standards are something you don’t think about much until they are done incorrectly. Have you ever had series of items printed on various materials, such as a coffee mug, brochure and backlit event signage – and none of the colors match? Reds look maroon on some items, pink on others?

It is hard to assure that colors will appear the same across a wide spectrum of printing substrates.

Our solution was to adopt the IDEAlliance G7 Master Printer Offset Printing and Proofing expertise in the dark side of winstrol addition to TECHKON color measurement. We can integrate modern process control techniques with proofing and press controls, getting industry-accepted standards of visual color match from proof to print.

We are one of just three printers in Indiana to utilize this state-of-the-art technology.

Recertified as a G7 Master Printer for the third time, HardingPoorman now has two G7 color professionals and 10 certified staff members deemed “proficient” in G7 practices and methodologies by IDEAlliance.

Why does this matter to you? Well, it comes right back to those mugs, brochures and backlit event signage. You want your brand to print true, to be universally recognizable immediately, no matter where it is seen. We understand the power of brands – for us as well as our clients. We can guarantee the best color match technologically possible, no matter what we print for you.


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