January 14


HardingPoorman Group and time management

The first month of every year has most of us looking for efficiencies in the areas of time, space, sales, product use, recycling, and the like. HPG has so many printing resources available under one roof, we are almost always able to save our clients time, money and follow-up by printing everything needed for your event from one source!

We can print virtually any type of material your project requires, from oversized posters to CDs, vinyl banners to window clings, mouse pads to brochures, die-cut stickers to floor graphics. Give us your ideas, your budget and your deadline, and we’ll make sure everything is printed, produced, collated, inserted, packed, labeled, alphabetized, and sent to the appropriate destination – on time and within budget. In fact, our on-time production rate is 99.8%.

Another plus? We have an electronic system which allows you to view each stage of your project in real time. HPG’s job status tracker keeps you on top of every project with a few clicks of your mouse.

If you are concerned about efficiency, transparency and stress-reduction, let HPG be your go-to source for printing and production.

We have you covered.


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