January 3


HPG asks: What is color?

HardingPoorman Group prints on almost anything (magnets, plastics, vinyl, glass, paper, etc.) using CMYK and PMS colors, or a combination of both. But what exactly does this mean? And how do you know which will work for your printing needs?

First, some definitions:  CMYK is a color model in which every color is described as a mixture of four process colors – cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Often referred to as “four-color” printing, CMYK is frequently used in offset printing for full-color documents.

The Pantone Color Matching System (PMS) is a standardized color reproduction system that’s been around since 1957. By standardizing each color, designers and printers in different locations can all refer to the Pantone color number system to make sure colors match precisely.

So, can you mix PMS and CMYK colors in printing jobs? Yes, at HPG you can. And there is a special subset of PMS colors that can be reproduced using CMYK. The PMS system now includes ‘special’ metallics and fluorescents.

What about white — is that a color? In today’s printing, absolutely yes! With UV inks, HPG often prints white ink on clear substrate like plastic or a dark background such as black paper.

If you have questions about what types of UV inks or color technologies will work best to showcase your printing project, ask your HPG rep for suggestions. We’ll find the best solution for your needs.


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