January 17


HPG means printing, yes – and also problem solving!

Our sales team often will meet with clients to discuss a new project that is looming on the horizon. Maybe it’s a new product introduction or a trade show with a theme and they have a few ideas, some product photos, and not much else. They want to do “something different” but haven’t quite figured out what that could be. It’s time for some problem solving!

We love these types of projects! We have worked on thousands of projects for hundreds of companies, therefore we have all kinds of interesting & creative ideas – and we know what works. After asking questions about the audience, the intended outcome and your budget, the HPG team enjoys the process of brainstorming solutions. We can recommend visuals, fonts, slogans, banners, signage options, new types of printing materials and processes, and/or a host of exhibit solutions. We can find quality materials and digital printing methods that make the end product more durable, more visible, more memorable, or less expensive to produce.

Sometimes clients have highly specific visual ideas about a particular project but other times they need a little help in bringing a project into focus. In either case, HardingPoorman Group can be a helpful resource for your business.


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