January 31


HPG’s ISO certification benefits you

As anyone who has gone through it knows, being ISO certified is a vigorous process. We’ve put our team through that challenge and emerged a better company.

What does that mean to our customers? Not only did we make sure all our processes made sense and that we are universally practiced, we also worked to document our company’s best practices.

As a result, we have added MyHPG – a way for clients to track their printing and fulfillment jobs from start to finish.   It’s a great “worry-saver”, especially on projects with tight turn times.

We also verified HPG’s quality objectives to improve the overall management of the company.

Here is what HardingPoorman Group found:

  • We provide 97.2% on time delivery. Our goal is 100%.
  • Client satisfaction rating is 98.8%. Again, our goal is 100%.
  • Spoilage is less than 1.2% of sales (our goal is below 2%)
  • Improve measures to track key accounts (MyHPG tracking system now implemented)

HPG does what it takes to get printing and production done on time, correctly, and to the satisfaction of our customers. That’s the real ‘certification’ for us!


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