February 9


Ganging printing jobs together to save $$

Throughout the month of February, HPG is blogging about how to save money on printing this year. It’s easier than you think. The key is to think ahead, do job planning on a quarterly, biannual or annual basis, and let your rep know about any recurring printing needs.
So – what specifically can you do? Rule number one: plan ahead. Anything done last minute or as a “rush job” is going to cost more. “Ganging” printing jobs together is a great alternative. “Ganging” means printing as many pieces as possible at the same time. This saves on both pre-production (front end set up charges) and can really save on materials (print run time and paper stock).

Here’s a prime example:  If you typically print one job per month, you will pay for 12 “file preps” in a year’s time. If you plan ahead and send all 12 jobs to your printer at the same time, you will pay only one prep fee. This will save you hundreds in the long run. But even doing three or six months at a time will be a money saver. If it isn’t possible to gang projects at the same time, at least let your printer know your schedule for the year. Many times, you can get a volume discount, especially if you are willing to give a commitment on upcoming projects.

Ganging printing jobs together can also save money on stock. Plan to print as many pieces as possible on common stock. For example, use the same stock to print corporate note cards, business cards and postcards. Since most  stocks have a minimum order, choosing just one stock to use on multiple items could save you a ton of money.

Have a conversation with your HPG rep and plan ahead for 2011. We want to save you money. Let’s work together to see what we can do!


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