February 15


HPG encourages digital printing options to save $$

The fourth in our series, HPG continues to blog about how to save money on your printing jobs in the coming year.

Digital printing is a great way to maximize savings on your next printing job.

Printing digitally provides two lower cost ways to print less complicated print runs on standard size paper: Toner based digital printing and Direct imaging. What is the difference?

Toner based digital printing is similar to a copy machine in that it is the most economical solution to printing. HPG can print B&W or color in this format, as long as high quality imagery is not a requirement. Since sheet size is limited to 11 x 17” or smaller, targeted printing jobs include informational, sales or product sheets, flyers, or anything that provides quick access to data in larger quantities.

Another option is “direct imaging” or DI. Also printed on a machine, DI uses conventional solvent based inks but doesn’t require plates like traditional presses. Artwork is transferred electronically or digitally to the press, and print quality is better than toner based digital printing. Print quality is almost that of a conventional press but at a fraction of the cost. As long as quantities are 10,000 or smaller and you don’t need to print on anything other than paper, DI printing can save you money (and time!)

Ask your HPG rep if your next project can use either of these digital options for your less complicated printing needs.


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