February 7


HPG works to stretch printing budget dollars

February is a good time of year to think about cost savings. You’re far enough into 2011 to see what’s ahead in terms of projects, timing and needs – and still have time to plan around budgets. If you’re like most companies, you’ve postponed some of the big ticket printing projects you had set up for 2010 because margins were super tight and you may have run out of budget.

HPG has some ideas that may be able to help you with your upcoming printing projects. We’ve got so many ideas, in fact, that we plan on spending the rest of the month blogging about it.

Throughout the month, you’ll learn how you can save money on both the front and back end of your printing project in a variety of creative and resourceful ways, including:

    • Ganging printing jobs
    • Utilizing a press sheet
    • Going digital
    • Using a “house sheet”
    • Finishing “mechanical”
    • Asking your HPG rep some key questions

We want you to think of HPG as a fast, efficient, on-time, and green printing company AND one that partners with you to maximize your printing dollars. Stay tuned!


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