February 18


Money Saving Tip #5: “House Sheets”

HardingPoorman Group has been blogging about ways to save clients money on their commercial printing.  Here are a few way to save on paper costs.

Paper mills manufacture hundreds of types of paper. Many are quite similar. When requesting a quote on your project, ask your printer if there is a more economic option in another brand of paper. Ask for a paper swatch of your first choice stock and a swatch of the stock they recommend so you will be able to compare the two and see the differences.  Many times, the differences are virtually undetectable.

You can also ask if your printer has a “house sheet” that is comparable to your desired stock. What is a “house sheet”?  Much like a generic brand, most printers have a quality paper stock they buy in bulk and keep on hand. Using the “house sheet” means quicker turn times and less investment in paper stock costs. Some people assume that the “house” stock is a lesser grade, but this is not always the case. (www.newsoftwares.net)   For example, HPG’s “house” coated sheet is a premium bright white RECYCLED stock.

But do you really want to compromise on type of stock, when what you prefer is a coated stock or something with more heft? You still have options at this point that can save you money:  Consider adding a coating to your printing process. For instance, you might add an overall matte finish when printing to achieve your original intended look. Applying a coating is relatively inexpensive and there are many types of coating options available such as matte, satin or gloss finishes.

Printing on a budget is easier than you think at HPG. Just ask us for ideas when you are ready to quote your next project.


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