February 24


Your mom was right

Plan ahead.  When you’ve got a large printing project looming, nothing beats planning ahead and asking questions. Involving your printer in your initial project planning is a good idea for many reasons.

HPG has tons of experience with every type of project. We know what works and what has had difficulties in the past. We can offer guidance based on years of experience and hundreds of projects.  You printer can help you make small changes that may save hours of design time and multiple steps in production, such as:

  • Suggestions on paper stock. Perhaps our house stock can save you money.
  • Maybe the quality or weight of the paper stock you were considering will not fold properly or hold the weight of your finished custom piece.
  • Small changes to finish size can save on paper and production fees. We want to make sure your project fits our die cut and folding machines.
  • Can you emboss on a fold? We have the answer.
  • Which is better, a satin gloss or high gloss varnish on the type of paper you’ve chosen? Your printer can show you samples.
  • Planning an expensive die cut? We may have an existing die that fits your needs, saving you a lot of hassle and money.

Yes indeed, your mom was right. Planning ahead is always a good idea. So is asking lots of questions. Get your printer involved in the initial stages of a project. There is nothing worse than spending months of design and development on a project only to find out it is impossible to produce within your budget.


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