March 28


Imaginative bindings from HPG

HPG has been blogging about bindings. There are many, many different ways to bind brochures, catalogs, calendars, and annual reports, from saddle stitching, wire-o binding, perfect binding, and plastic coil binding.

We have shown a few of the more common methods available, but there are also some unique binding solutions out there.  Bindings can be fanciful, creative and even colorful!  Why invest many hours in writing, editing, graphic design, and choosing just the right paper – if you don’t put just as much thought into the way your brochure will be bound together?

After you consider practicalities such as how much handling the project will get, how long the finished project is expected to last, what type of cover it will have, whether it will be mailed or shipped, and the budget of project; from there on, the list of ways to make your project memorable and talked about is wide open.

Some types of binding are classy and smooth, others like wire-o binding have an esthetic appeal that may work especially well with the design of certain pieces. Consider the unusual – like using a rubber band. Or a colored staple (saddle stitching). Perhaps you could use a single “O” ring, or a combination of wire-o bindings using different folds.

Why look like everyone else? Be an original! The more creative you are with bindings, the more attention you bring to your company and your product.


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