April 28


HPG believes happiness in the workplace is no small thing.

HPG’s mission may seem simple:  “To make a meaningful difference in the lives of our employees,” but it is hard work.  Truly making a difference does not happen with one big event.  It is the day in and day out instances that add up — and speak volumes about our company.

“We all share in the hard work of building a great company for future generations of associates…” said Vice President Bob Poorman.

Here are our employee/employer guidelines to which we refer daily:

  • We recognize not only performance but also potential, and remain committed to helping our employees reach their goals.
  • We treat each other with respect and compassion.
  • We trust one another and be accountable to one another.
  • We eliminate duplicate processes.
  • We identify workflow issues and fix them.
  • We will follow the guidelines set up in our quality initiatives.

Happiness in the workplace? Very important to HPG! And it shows in our work.

“It’s really a very simple formula,” says Bob Poorman, “As long as we take care of our staff members, they will take care of each other and our customers.”


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