April 14


HPG launches Healthy Progressive Goals for employees

Having a happy and healthy staff is the key to a company’s success. HPG is a firm believer in helping our valued employees achieve better health and wellness, which is why together with SPECTRUM Health, we launched a comprehensive and innovative program this year.
Spectrum Health Systems is an Indianapolis based health management company that partners with organizations like HardingPoorman to reduce health claims and improve employee overall health and wellbeing. With the help of Spectrum, HPG provides onsite health screenings and onsite health coaching to all of our staff.  Each staff member works with their health coach (a registered nurse) to set quarterly and annual goals. HPG employees who achieve their annual goals will receive a $400 bonus.

Because we always value our staffs input, HPG held an employee contest to create the name for our new program. The winning name was the unequivocal winner:  Healthy Progressive Goals (H.P.G.) Wellness Program!


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