April 4


HPG suggests a colorful way to bind

Recently, we have had a lot to say about binding methods. Creative binding solutions are a wonderful way to add a unique and even colorful touch to your products. We have explored the many, many different ways to bind brochures, catalogs, calendars, and annual reports – from saddle stitching, wire-o binding, perfect binding, and today, plastic coil binding.

Much like wire-o binding, plastic coil binding is a mechanical binding solution that HPG can produce in-house. It makes bound pages easier to turn, especially if the piece is going to get repeat use. Coil bindings are also hands-free, allowing the user to “prop up” the bound piece or fold all pages behind the one being read, for ease in reading.

Plastic coil bindings have several advantages over the more traditional wire-o styles:  They are lighter and resistant to bending, which can be important when mailing a finished piece. They are also more colorful than the perfect bound and saddle stitch binding options. Plastic coils can be produced in an array of classic colors or custom-ordered in any PMS color you wish. This can be a nice touch when you are printing a more formal, upscale booklet or report to match corporate colors — or enhance a specific color theme.

Colorful, plastic coil bindings can add a creative flair to your next project – or a touch of whimsy. The more creative you are with bindings, the more attention you bring to your company and your product!


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