April 25


HPG’s all a’ twitter about Social Media

You can’t avoid social media. It’s ubiquitous – and now more than ever, it’s expected as part of a meaningful marketing campaign. But like everything else that’s new, some social media takes a little extra effort to understand it’s unique marketing strengths and capabilities.

Here’s a quick look at social media you should know about:
  • Facebook is a free website that allow individuals to create “Profiles” or companies to create “Pages”.  Users post information about themselves and allow other users access to their data by designating them a “friend”. Those on Facebook can interact through messages, comments, photographs, videos, games or instant messages.  Facebook tends to be a very personal way to interact with others.
  • LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site primarily used for professional networking.  Conversations on LinkedIn are generally kept very professional and business related.
  • Twitter is a free website that allows users to post messages called “tweets”. Tweets can be up to 140 characters and appear on the user’s profile page.  ANY users can subscribe to tweets from other people without having to be granted permission.  Twitter is typically used for general conversation about a subject.  It is not as personal as Facebook and not as formal as LinkedIn.
  • YouTube is a free video sharing website that lets people upload, view, and share videos. Videos can be rated, and the number of times a video has been watched is also on the site.

HPG is helping companies like yours add social media to their printing products in all kinds of interesting ways. Add a FaceBook page for your next product and launch a campaign to get users to “like” you. Create a YouTube video to explain your newest procedure and link it to your website. Add Twitter feeds to your next grassroots marketing campaign to get folks tweeting about you. Or use LinkedIn to attract new employees to your next job opportunity. (thereader.com)

HPG can help incorporate any of these social media programs to your next print communication. Just ask us how!


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