May 25


HardingPoorman Group does posters!

Yes indeed, HPG does posters: from mail-able posters in tubes to folded catalog and magazine insert posters. We do posters in any number of colors and even those that glow in the dark. We can even do specialty posters such as those covered with glitter, soft touch coating, sand, and even scented coatings.

We do large quantities of oversize posters on our UV sheet-fed presses in sizes up to 28 x 40 inches.  No job is too big for us.

And, we print posters on all types of substrates including:

  • Cover stock
  • Text stock
  • Plastics
  • Adhesive stock
  • Vinyl
  • Cloth

HPG can help you print the right type of poster, large or small, flashy or all business. We’re ready to get you hung up and get noticed!


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