May 30


HardingPoorman Group ‘green-lights’ energy conservation

Maybe you know that HPG is all about energy conservation. We are proud to be the first business in Indiana to purchase 100% Green Power!
HPG is careful in our use of materials as well as our consumption of energy. We continually find new ways to recycle and reuse, encouraging vendors and customers to work with us. Here are HPG’s green goals:

  • Reduce administrative/office paper usage company-wide by 50%
  • Research vendors’ environmental policies and make a part of their vendor rating.
  • Research environmental groups for potential partnerships.
  • Make our building more energy-efficient through lighting/power.

Our latest green idea? Green lighting. We’ve added motion sensor switches in all bathrooms and conference rooms, so lights stay on only as long as there is movement in the room. We also recently made a big commitment to energy conservation by installing motion sensor high-efficiency lighting to our 40 foot high warehouse ceilings. Each light has its own motion sensor and reacts independently from all the other lights surrounding it.  Next time you are in our building ask for a tour of the warehouse / fulfillment area….it’s pretty cool!

HPG wants to reduce our impact on the planet while preserving natural resources for future generations to come. We hope you’ll join us in the effort at home and at work.


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