May 9


HPG helps Keep Indy Beautiful

HPG has announced they are teaming up with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) to volunteer in the Indianapolis community. 15 HPG staff members will pitch in to help the Challenge Foundation Academy create and maintain outdoor projects at their school on Friday, May 13th.

The Challenge Foundation Academy (CFA) is a kindergarten through 5th grade public charter school based upon the nationally recognized ‘Core Knowledge’ curriculum. Core Knowledge focuses students on whole learning centered around knowledge and wisdom, and applies core values, leadership principles and the behaviors required to be successful in life.

HPG will work with the CFA to help achieve their Landscape Design Plan, designed through the KIB Kid’s Club Project, which includes:

  • Planting native trees including fruit and nut and others chosen to provide shade for the school grounds.
  • Maintaining and expand the school’s vegetable garden
  • Beginning a composting program
  • Helping students plant seeds and transplant seedlings
  • Planting water-loving perennials around flood areas of the school grounds
  • Helping establish a formal “Calming Garden” where students can experience nature

HardingPoorman Group is exceptionally proud of our staff, who welcome volunteer opportunities and consistently go above and beyond with their efforts!


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