May 12


HPG, you and YouTube

Welcome to the HardingPoorman Channel!
YouTube is not just for posting silly videos or embarrassing moments — it can be used as a highly effective business tool. HPG is using YouTube to capture printing processes and information that can help you understand and utilize the many new printing technologies that are accessible to you. HPG uses this site internally and externally for touring, training and events.

Take a tour of the HardingPoorman Channel to find out about:

  • Pharma (miniature) folding
  • Color matching through proofs
  • Fugitive glue, variable data and personal URLs available through direct mail
  • HPG’s newest color presses
  • Creative HPG  printing ideas – lots of examples

We hope you will swing by and take a look. Not only will you learn something about printing processes and capabilities, but you can also comment on or discuss what you see.

Tell us what you would like to see added. We are always on the look out for new ideas!


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