June 7


Fulfilling your orders fulfills us

Printing, organizing, stocking, hand-assembling, matching invitees and product numbers, receiving orders, overnight shipping… /solutions is pleased to offer each of these fulfillment services and any others you might require. We handle all this in house in our Fulfillment Department.

HPG is a “can-do” fulfillment, mailing, and commercial printing company. Our fulfillment team gets excited about discovering new ways to build upon marketing and printing processes.  If you have a challenging printing and/or fulfillment project, let us help explore ways to lower your costs by handling and processing your job for you. We’re experts at this!

Whether we handle discs, brochures, class materials, or products for contests and giveaways, HPG makes sure your items stay on track, get properly processed, printed, boxed, and shipped on time. We can even alert you when stock begins to deplete.

HPG is pleased to print your items all at once and store them for you, too. That way, you can use or send out smaller quantities now, and save on printing and storage costs. If you have a project that could use some fulfillment help, you’ve come to the right place!


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