June 24


HardingPoorman Group on quality assurance

As part of our continuing dedication to producing superior projects and the best service possible for our customers, HardingPoorman Group has added five new pieces of quality assurance equipment:

  • Pre-press file validation system: This system compares an approved electronic file to the processed file, hard copy proofs and a press sheet to make sure our print is accurate.
  • Pharmaceutical folder camera verification system: Now we can detect potential improper sheet back-ups, page orientation, or blank pages, automatically.
  • Inserter match mail/verification system:  A high-resolution camera assures that a letter or insert properly matches the pre-addressed envelope in a mailing job. The system will find mismatches, potential doubles and missing records.
  • Inkjet verification system: HPG can now confirm that every record in a file has been imaged, while a camera at the end of the line double-checks that all records are present and that bar codes are readable.
  • Saddle stitching machine signature recognition: Our new system prevents pages from being duplicated or placed out of order when pulling them from a feeder. Before they are stapled into a book, our camera scans a unique ID on each section of pages (aka signature) while the software verifies that all pages are present and in the correct order. The machine automatically discards any defective copies and shuts down if bad copies are produced.It’s all a part of our intention to offer the best printing services and fulfillment in the Mid West. HPG wants you to be 100% satisfied with everything we do for you, so we are constantly on the lookout to improve our performance.

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