June 2


Make myHPG your favorite tool!

What happens when you have a rush job and you need to frequently check in on its progress? Or when you have a question about how many brochures you ordered last month? Or what if you want to see the cost estimate on your next print run? The “myHPG” portal on the HardingPoorman Group website – is your new best friend!

myHPG was developed for our clients to help provide up-to-the-minute status information on everything in progress as well as details on past projects. It’s a sophisticated technology that securely ties into the data collection system we use to gather information on your job – from start to finish. By logging in to our system, you can find out if your job is on press, in the bindery, on the dock, or in transit for delivery.

We set up myHPG to be sure you also have access to all your account information including quotes, billing status, job costs, past job information and more. It’s a great worry-saver, especially on projects with tight turn times.

myHPG is a smart technology we implemented to help make your life a little less stressful.


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