June 21


The College Network & HPG work on line together

HardingPoorman Group is proud to be a certified green printer who actively looks for ways to reduce landfill waste in our printing facility as well as in our office. The good news is we can also help our clients in the same way – often saving money for them in the process.
The College Network is a great example of this.

The College Network (TCN) has more than 185,000 clients nationwide. As one of the nation’s leading educational services companies, TCN functions by networking new college students with nationally accredited universities to provide them with educational solutions for associates, bachelors, and masters degrees, and professional certificates. TCN does this, in part, via frequently updated Comprehensive Learning Modules that enable college students to study at an independent pace and earn college credits.

Prior to becoming a client, TCN had to maintain a large inventory of printed learning modules for timely distribution, which proved very costly when modules became obsolete and had to be destroyed. They needed a cost-effective way to handle printing and shipping on an as-needed basis.

Working with HPG, they were able to set up an online system to comprehensively print module updates, and handle and distribute student module orders. Student customers now receive the most up-to-date materials in a timely manner. Even better, HPG eliminated the need for overnight freight charges reducing production and distribution costs by 50% and generating a six-figure increase in TCN’s profits.


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