June 14


The distinct advantage of HPG digital printing

Got a smaller print job on your agenda? Digital printing at HardingPoorman Group may be the way to go.
Here’s why:

  • Digital printing is less expensive
  • It provides two lower cost ways to print less complicated print runs on standard size paper:
  1. Toner-based digital printing
  2. Direct imaging

HPG can print B&W or color in toner-based digital format, as long as high quality photographic imagery is not needed. Similar to that of a copy machine, toner-based printing is economical and can be utilized for all kinds of projects with a size of 11” x 17” or smaller.

A second cost effective digital printing HPG option is “direct imaging,” frequently referred to as “DI.” A step up in quality from toner-based printing, DI uses conventional solvent-based inks and doesn’t require plates. The DI process transfers artwork electronically to the press, producing quality almost the same as a conventional press, but at a fraction of the cost. Drawbacks? Paper only (no vinyl substrates) and sheet size is limited to 12″ x 18,” or smaller.

Next time you have a smaller printing run on standard size paper, consider digital printing and save time, money and hassle.


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